Essential things to do in the Aït Bouguemez Valley in Morocco

Essential things to do in the Aït Bouguemez Valley in Morocco

Home to indigenous Berber clans, the Aït Bouguemez valley in the High Atlas mountains is a customary and wonderful piece of Morocco. Here’s all you have to know.

Many state Aït Bouguemez is the most delightful valley in Morocco. Sitting on the patio of our visitor house in Tabant – the primary town in the valley – it’s not hard to perceive any reason why. Brilliant light Overflows the valley turning wheat fields radiant against the red stone of the encompassing slopes. A water systems framework cuts the valley into even examples, flickering every so often from the consistent progression of water that keeps this territory so green.

The transcending culmination of M’Goun massif – the third most noteworthy in Morocco at 4071m – smaller people the constant flow of Berbers advancing home. Lady with backs stacked high with wheat, tease gradually along very much trod ways in the high grass. Behind them, also stacked jackasses faithfully convey the remainder of the days crop.

The Aït Bouguemez valley sits in the northern scopes of the High Atlas mountains. It bolsters the nearby Berber individuals from the interwoven of wheat and grain crops which are gone through neighborhood cooperatives. The labyrinth of water system channels and terraced slopes exhibit the inventiveness of individuals despite everything carrying on with a conventional lifestyle and give the valley it’s dazzling tasteful.

A cleared street to Aït Bouguemez was just finished when the new century rolled over, however the zone is still generally immaculate by the travel industry. With negligible administrations and conventional rustic living, it’s an incredible method to interface with Moroccan culture and loosen up in excellent landscape.

During the day you can wander through the valley on a few simple day climbs, visit a lady’s helpful and drive some steep passes. In the nighttimes, there’s nothing to do with the exception of unwind in wonderful environmental factors and appreciate Moroccan home cooking.

This is what you have to know to visit the Aït Bouguemez valley, some portion of our 10-day Morocco agenda.


CULTURE/Experience the Berbers’ conventional country living

SUNSET/Stunning dusk sees at Sidi Moussa landmark

COOPERATIVES/Understand the ladies’ craftsman agreeable

PEAKS/Take a multi-day climb up Morocco’s third most noteworthy pinnacle

HIKES/Meander the excellent upper and lower Aït Bouguemez valleys

DRIVE/Drive the breezy steep passes encompassing the valley

DINOSOURS/Visit the fossilized dinosaur impressions


Berbers are the indigenous pre-Arab North African’s whose ancestry can be followed back to 3000BCE. While most Berbers are Muslim, they have their own way of life, language and techniques for cooking which have stayed unaltered for a considerable length of time.

Berbers predominately live in the mountains, so Aït Bouguemez is the ideal spot to appreciate some customary indigenous Moroccan friendliness.

The Y-molded Aït Bouguemez valley is spotted with minuscule Berber towns. Aside from the primary focus of Tabant, these towns are just little assortments of mud cabins. Some have a school – recognized by the splendidly shaded dividers that stand apart from the mud tones of the remainder of the structures – and an agreeable to help bolster the nearby lady. Regardless of how little, every town has simple access to a close by mosque.

Based on the inclines over the fields of the valley floor, the towns are a captivating advance back in time. Old inhabitants top from entryways and windows, chickens peck along the tight laneways, and kids play in the earth while their moms, with grass shearer close by and feed packaged on their backs, work the yields close by.

It is a token of the lifestyle that nearly everybody lived until a couple of hundreds of years back.


Behind the town of Timit, where the three legs of the valley meet, a place of worship has been raised to holy person Sidi Moussa – a neighborhood Muslim blessed man venerated for his capacity to fix barrenness. Legend has it that ladies could desert an article of clothing go through the night inside to be restored. The legend doesn’t appear to represent any male ripeness issues.

The roundabout earthen structure filled in as an aggregate storage facility and has been reestablished through a network exertion. At the point when it’s open, local people charge Dh10 to come inside and have some tea, however it’s difficult to tell when that will be on offer.

The genuine motivation to go to the place of worship is for the stupendous nightfall sees. From Tabant, take the street west and park close to the École Vivante where it’s a short 10-minute steep move up to the holy place. You’ll be compensated with a magnificent perspective on the lower Aït Bouguemez valley. The early night light enlightens the ruddy earthy colored mountains wonderfully.

In the event that you choose to go for this view at dawn, you’ll be blessed to receive the fog surprisingly sitting in the valley floor – a perfect setting to the photogenic hallowed place.


For longer than a thousand years, Berbers have been treated as peasants to their Arab champions. Furthermore, ladies as peons to men. So the life of a Berber lady can be especially extreme. At whatever point you see a huge heap of roughage weaving along the lavish green valley’s, will undoubtedly be a lady underneath it. With their boss instruction and better language aptitudes, the men are frequently running the visitor houses in significantly more solace.

Such is the pecking order of life here.

Be that as it may, things are gradually evolving. In the course of the most recent couple of years various co-agents have been built up by the neighborhood ladies. In these centers, the ladies make different distinctive items and crafted works to sell in the nearby markets. It’s contribution a wellspring of pay liberated from the backbreaking field work for the individuals who need it.

With more than 30 spotted around the valley, it isn’t difficult to run over a center. In any matter, discovering them open with somebody to show you around is somewhat more testing. The best alternatives are the Association Ighrem in Agouti, Cooperative Tikniouine in Timit (morning just) or Cooperative Ikhefnighir in the upper valley.


Jebel M’Goun is Morocco’s third most elevated pinnacle. At 4,071m it towers over the valley. There are various multi-day climbs in the locale however the most well-known is the multi day climb that leaves from Agouti and gathers the culmination before showing up back around.

The other alternative is the multi day M’Goun Traverse that leaves Agouti, goes under the flanks of the highest point, at that point plummets to the town of Aït Alla. The two courses offer extraordinary edge teases with astounding perspectives.

You can join a pre-sorted out visit ahead of time or aides can be leased for Dh400 to 450 every day, either through your convenience, at the Association Ighrem in Agouti or in the town of Tabant (

Be that as it may, the highest point climb is a very much trodden course and any sensibly experienced multi-day explorer ought not have an issue finishing it without a guide. The two evenings are spent at Tarkeddit Refuge (2900m) which you should book well in front of your outing. It has food and bedding, yet it’s a smart thought to bring a camping bed liner. The shower and latrine offices are not loved for their neatness.


For those of you (us) who lean toward an agreeable bed and a warm shower after a long walk, the lower spans of the Aït Bouguemez valley is the ideal spot for some extraordinary day climbs.

Ways confounding the valley lead into little tired towns and slice through the rich green inundated fields. You pass ladies working in the fields, shepherds and goatherders in the slopes, youngsters rushing to class and the consistent murmur of action around the co-agents.

It’s an incredible method to see life in this intriguing spot.

Lamentably, there are no signs and maps have constrained detail. The pathways are not worked for explorers yet for local people continuing on ahead. You can enlist a guide for about Dh300 to 350 for a large portion of a day to show you around the neighborhood foot. As we will in general like teasing all alone, we went through 3 days wandering all over the valley assembling a couple of teases that catch the excellence of the Aït Bouguemez valley.

Subsequent to getting lost a couple of times and winding up face down in such a large number of water system trench, we’ve thought of two incredible half-day climbs which you can do all alone. You can discover all the subtleties on our climbing in Aït Bouguemez valley post.


In matter you’re going via vehicle, the Aït Bouguemez valley can be gotten to by means of cleared streets from either Azilal or Demnate moderately without any problem.

AZILAL/From Azilal head south to Aït Mohammed where you should take the right-hand go signposted to Aït Bouguemez. This emotional single path street, frequently with steep drops on one side, slices through some great High Atlas view. It takes 1 hour and 50 minutes to arrive at Agouti at the western finish of the valley.

DEMANTE/From Demnate head east on the cleared R302 through Iouariden and Aït Blal. It takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to arrive at Agouti along the single-path street. The two courses are fine for the vast majority of the excursion however the surface crumbles altogether as you experience towns or cross the course of stream and waterways. A 2WD could make the excursion yet it would be increasingly slow progressively awkward. Specifically, the Demnate course can be closed after substantial downpour as the street can escape. It does, be that as it may, get fixed rapidly.

The valley can likewise be gotten to at the eastern end by taking the left-hand turn at Aït Mohammed or by means of the track to Ahansal. Be that as it may, while a few segments are cleared, there is still rock streets to haggle so you will require a 4×4.

To assist you with exploring the territory, introduce the application onto your telephone and download the guide Morocco South. Without information it will give your course headings and times and keep tabs on your development. You ought to likewise download custom maps disconnected in google.

BUS/Mini-transports run both from Azilal to Tabant (Dh35) and from Demnate to Tabant (Dh50). The transports leave at whatever point they are full, so there is no timetable. Be that as it may, there ought to be at any rate one per day. Cabs can likewise be recruited to run you all over the valley and to neighboring towns.


The valley is at its generally delightful in spring when blossoms line the valley floor and the yields are a brilliant green. Anyway in after-winter snow can be delayed to liquefy and high precipitation can wash away the stone that bolsters the streets, making them obstructed.

We propose you visit Aït Bouguemez from early-April to after May.

After this time span the temperatures begin to rise, the wheat and grain turn earthy colored and the snow leaves the highest points of the mountains making the entire scene marginally less beautiful.

After the mid year temperatures drop, mid-September to mid-October can likewise be a decent time to visit in spite of the fact that the hues are not as energetic as in spring.

While not fundamental it is additionally worth considering Ramadan inside your itinerary items. Morocco is a strict nation and a month of fasting implies guides are not quick to take long climbs and nearby bistros and cooperatives are regularly shut.


One of the numerous interests of the Aït Bouguemez valley is that the lifestyle stays conventional. Present day comforts haven’t graced the valley and next to no has changed throughout the years. This implies it’s an exceptionally loosening up place; in a perfect world to disengage and appreciate the excellent environmental factors.

Be that as it may, it additionally imply that there are not a great deal of offices. So it’s ideal to come arranged.

MONEY/There is a bank working in Tabant yet it isn’t operational. There is no ATM and Visas are not so much acknowledged in the valley. So bring enough money for your whole visit remembering you may need to pay for your convenience in real money. For crises Western Union or other wire move strategies can be utilized at Tabant’s mail station.

PETROL/There is no gas station in the valley. The closest fuel is at Azilal (1hour 50 minutes) or Demnate (2 hours and 40 minutes) so top off before you head here. Fortunately, you don’t have to drive an excessive amount of once you’re in the valley. Simply need enough to get in and out with some extra as a protection premium.

FOOD/Almost all convenience serves set menu suppers. There are a couple of essential shops and a few bistros in Tabant, yet we were there during Ramadan and none of them were open, so we can’t vouch for their quality. The food at guesthouses, be that as it may, was commonly acceptable wherever we remained. As it’s a lot of home cooking you should tell them ahead of time in the event that you have any dietary necessities – they won’t have a colossal choice of food available.

WI-FI/Some bistros and settlement may have wi-fi yet this is certainly not guaranteed. In the event that you truly can’t survive without wi-fi check with your guesthouse before you book. Our host mercifully forgot about his telephone each morning while we ate so we could download a couple of messages. That was the degree of our web inclusion in Aït Bouguemez.

LANGUAGE/The principle language is Berber, bolstered by somewhat French. There is almost no English verbally expressed. Given that there is likewise next to no web, it’s a smart thought to download French in Google Translate so you’ve in any event got something to reference in those dubious discussions. Except if you’re familiar with Berber obviously.

TOURIST SERVICES/Your settlement is the best wagered for booking guides and different administrations. In any matter Aomar Boumane ( offers benefits out of an office in Tabant and Dar Afra guesthouse can give advisers for trekking in the valley and meeting Berber locals and migrants.

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