A walking tour of Fez medina

A walking tour of Fez medina

From shrouded schools to rancid souks, antiquated graveyards and grand royal residences, the medieval Fez Medina is a labyrinth of extraordinary revelations. The most daring approach to see everything is on our independently directed teasing visit.

Fez Medina is the biggest urban vehicle free zone on the planet. While a significant part of the cutting edge city loosens up past the Medina dividers, 70,000 individuals despite everything live in the confined, uproarious medieval focus.

Their house is a labyrinth of rear entryways overflowing with tactile over-burden. An extraordinary maze where old customs enthrall current sightseers. Where the bring to supplication skims over the bang of metalworkers slamming pots, leather experts beating calfskin, and jackasses jogging down cobbled paths. Where unpredictably cut mosques and medersas glimmer against the residue and coarseness of a very much utilized city.

Investigating Fez is a one of a kind experience and losing all sense of direction in the firmly stuffed maze is all good enough. In like manner, the unhelpful local people who will attempt each deceive in their arms stockpile to keep you from where you need to go.

In this way, we have planned an independently directed teasing voyage through the Fez medina to assist you with seeing all the sights voluntarily, and ideally, keep you feeling somewhat more secure. We remain in the principle regions near different sightseers, yet additionally reveal some appealing Moroccan shrouded diamonds.

Drench yourself in French loftiness and Islamic craftsmanship; in the dimness of booming back streets and the quiet of refined riads; in the sweet fragrance of sweet-smelling flavors and the stale odor of jackass sh*t.

Peruse on to find a more profound side of Fez.


  • SUMMARY/Walking voyage through Fez Medina in addition to extra alternative to investigate New Fez
  • START/The Blue Gate
  • DISTANCE/7 km on the off chance that you tease in an orderly fashion, yet that would be frenzy
  • TIME/A moderate throughout the day tease
  • REFRESHMENTS/Morning mint tea, lunch in the Medina, espresso outside the Blue Gate


Start our Fez Medina teasing visit at the Bab Bou Jeloud (Blue Gate), on the west side of the Medina. Initially implicit the twelfth century, it was recreated as a triple-curved door in 1913 by the French to make a more fabulous access to the city.

In the wake of entering the entryway, take a speedy left, at that point right onto Talaa Kebira. Passing a plenty of intriguing slows down and bistros, fly into Medersa Bou Inania (20 Drh). Worked in the 1350’s the madersa is the best religious school in the city and contains a whole mosque.

Proceed on Talaa Kebira, flying into various fondouks (houses where merchants and their creatures could go through the after evening going through the city). Next, make a correct then prompt left to show up at the green-tiled Chrabliyine Mosque. Somewhat further on, turn left after Palais de Mérinides and afterward next right.

You are presently only one road off the fundamental traveler course where gifts slows down are supplanted by neighborhood food markets. Follow the guide underneath, plunging into the materials souk, where you’ll discover several ladies packed into a little square in an apparently edgy endeavor to sell textures and shoes. Next, follow the street clockwise to the tanneries.


You’ve earnt a rest now, and Place Seffarine is the ideal spot for a break. Take a sweet mint tea on the asphalt at Crèmerie la Place and watch the metal-specialists knockdown their copper pots and dish into accommodation. While your absorbing the scene, why not proceed to tail us on Instagram.

Revived, walk hostile to clockwise around the college dividers, fly into some perfectly reestablished fondouks (particularly Fondouk Staounyine) and check whether you can get a brief look at Kairaouine Mosque. Holed up behind overwhelming dividers, this grand structure is not entirely obvious. In matter you’re fortunate, one of the doors will be open and you can peer in as local people head to petition. Practically around the bend is the littler however similarly as noteworthy Al Attarine Medersa (20 Drh).

You are currently back in the principle shopping lanes. The wonderful Souk el Attarine sells a wide range of garments and gems and is flanked by the amazingly lavish tomb of Moulay Idriss III. Worked in 1323 many think about this the core of the Medina.

Visit the Henna Souk and the Museum of Woods, Arts and Crafts (20 Drh) at the reestablished fondouk in Place a Nejjarine. At that point, head along Talaa Seghira and back to the Blue Gate to discover a spot for a delayed lunch.


After lunch leave the Fez Medina through the Blue Gate. On the off chance that you extravagant an espresso, Yalla evades the pattern of espresso in Morocco and serves a tolerable cup. Something else, proceed to the pleasant Jnane S’bile Gardens, a much needed refresher among the bedlam. Perceive what number of understudies you can spot getting away from their confined day to day environments to concentrate among the trees.

Leave the nurseries at Bab Mechouar and follow the person on foot walkway past another superb nearby market to Semmarin Medina Gate.

Go option to get some photographs of the transcending entryways of the Royal Palace, at that point head back by means of Rue des Mérinides. This amazing road, fixed with galleries and plaster work, is the core of the mellah (walled Jewish quarter). Head off the primary course to visit Ibn Danan Synagogue (20 Drh). The ground floor is a climatic spot of petition, however ensure you go down the stairs to the cleaning region and two trips up for a perspective on the Jewish graveyard.

As the after evening light blurs head to Mezzanine for a mixed drink and a few tapas on their rooftop patio.


Fez offers you the chance to remain in some genuinely striking settlement – exclusive riads with resplendent focal wellsprings tucked behind the grime of laneways loaded up with annoying children.

We strongly suggest staying either in the medina or simply outside it. The best zone is close Bab Jeloud (Blue Gate) where a significant number of the pick of the urban areas cafés and bistros are found. This region makes it simple to have a break in your inn before taking off at night.

We likewise recommend you remain in a riad; a quintessential Moroccan experience. Here are a few suggestions for riads in Fes from our companion Teresa and a couple of others from us.


Morocco is an intriguing spot. Outside the urban communities we found local people warm and inviting. A new mint tea was rarely far away and – even in Ramadan – food would be offered openly with an amicable discussion and a supportive chunk of exhortation to take advantage of this entrancing nation.

Unfortunately in Fez, the vast majority who offer to help are doing whatever it takes not to help you by any stretch of the imagination. Travelers are viewed as an unending wellspring of money and they’ll make a special effort to attempt to separate some from you.

In the event that you tease around the avenues utilizing maps attempting to discover your direction, you’ll consistently be drawn closer with ‘it isn’t so much that way’ or ‘it’s shut’ – despite the fact that they have no clue about where you need to go. They will at that point offer to manage you some place. In the event that you acknowledge their offer, whatever you pay them won’t be sufficient. On the off chance that you decay, they can get very pushy.

We’re generally quick to talk to local people and make companions in another city, yet the Fez medina isn’t the spot to do it.

We prescribe that you react to all solicitations, saying ‘no way solidly however considerately and teasing on. On the off chance that you can do so glancing positive about where you’re going, surprisingly better.

In the event that you are truly lost and need some assistance, ask different travelers or go into a store and ask somebody behind a counter. Attempt to adhere near the central avenues so that if there are any issues, there are others around.


While most travelers to Morocco head to Marrakesh, Fez is an increasingly bona fide experience, and – regardless – developing in fame. Accordingly, there are currently a significant number modest universal flights that show up at Fez. Check the most recent costs here.

Notwithstanding, in the event that you show up into Marrakech you can get to Fez by means of a 1-hour direct interior flight or a 7-hour train venture that goes by means of Casablanca.

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