Viñales Valley – Get Cycle routes via Cuban tobacco farms

Viñales Valley – Get Cycle routes via Cuban tobacco farms

A Viñales Valley visit is an incredible method to see this staggering territory. Be that as it may, with sights just a couple of kilometers away and numerous amazing path, cycling is an extraordinary other option and a fantastic outing.

Viñales is one of the most lovely goals in Cuba. Mogotes (level bested slopes) emerge from dynamic green valleys covered in an apparently perpetual layer of climatic haze. Consumed orange streets carve a wrap through the green where ranchers hand pick tobacco plants and bulls furrow the fields.

It’s a casual, provincial spot from a period passed by.

Numerous guests join a Viñales Valley visit. It’s a decent method to visit the stone surrenders, the Mural de la Prehistorica and to observe the out of date ranch life. Be that as it may, regardless of the rich uneven landscape, the principle sights are tucked along the exceptionally level valley. This makes cycling an amazing option at Viñales.

Bicycles can be leased for as meager as CUC 10 per day. This is a lot of time to speed along breezy ways, visit the caverns, experience neighborhood ranchers and get up near the most appealing mogotes. However, even without the sights, a day cycling in Viñales is an experience in itself.

There are relatively few signs, so it isn’t in every matter clear where to go. In the wake of investigating for a couple of days, we’ve selected the most fascinating (and flattest) territories to registration. In this way, read on for probably the best cycle courses in Viñales with our guide to assist you with finding your direction.

In the event that cycling isn’t for you, we’ve additionally suggested a couple Viñales visits you should look at.


The Mural de la Prehistorica is simply 5km west of Viñales – a relaxed 20 minutes by bicycle. While the painting itself is not really good or bad, the landscape in the region is brilliant. A cycle circle comprising of cleared streets, rock streets and several earth trails encompass the wall painting passing farms, fields of mango and transcending mogotes. Surprisingly, in spite of the bumpy landscape all around, the path are as level as a hotcake.

On the arrival from the painting, a soil track prompts the Valle de Viñales only south of the principle street into town. Caught between the slopes and the mogotes, Valle de Viñales is an incredible spot to gather some photographs of this fascinating regular scene.

The cycle out to Mural de la Prehistorica including Valle de Viñales is number 1 on the guide underneath.


Simply 3km north of town, a labyrinth of ways encompass Palmarito Mogote to one side of the primary street. This is an especially alluring territory of Viñales with red earth ways befuddling through ranches and tobacco fields.

Cuba has a special history which is generally present in its cultivating customs. On the cycle out to Palmarito Mogote we passed ranchers on natively constructed furrows pulled by bulls and laborers cautiously hand moving stogies in little wooden hovels in the fields. It’s a fascinating and delightful approach to investigate the zone, totally liberated from voyagers and their touts selling visits.

The path can get somewhat unpleasant in spots, and some water might be hindering a portion of the ways specific toward the south. Be that as it may, this equitable makes it even more fun. There are a lot of various courses to investigate and the perspectives on the magotes are fantastic.


San Miguel Cave is another couple of kilometers north of the path to Palmarito Mogote. It’s not worth paying to go in the cavern, however around the back (where the cavern visit leaves) an enormous bar has been set up at the base of a totally enmatterd vertical-sided valley. There’s a gigantic café set up for transport gatherings, however in the event that you overlook all that and have a seat at the bar, you’re in for a treat.

Ranchers till the ground only close to the bar, hand planting and picking tobacco. Forgets about are laid to dry in the sun on wooden racks and cowpokes walk past riding a horse. By one way or another the traveler vibe of the eatery, mixes with the country setting it’s enmatterd in.

Proceeding with north from Cueva San Miguel on the fundamental street, increasingly pure provincial scenes and tobacco fields move past as you cycle towards Cueva del Indio. Here pontoons ship guests into another cavern and store them at the vacationer shops out the back. The cavern is beneath normal however the cycle up, going through restricted holes in the valley dividers is incredible fun. In the event that it’s your thing, there are a lot of slows down to get a few trinkets.


Valle Ancon is only the following valley over from Cueva del indio yet it’s a 8km cycle. The course is all on the cleared street, however it’s very bumpy in places. It could without much of a stretch assume control more than 1 hour to arrive and back.

There are no large sights to see, or bistros to stop at. Be that as it may, the course passes some flawless landscape that feels particularly expelled from the places of interest in Viñales. This is genuine Cuban farmland. You won’t discover tobacco ranchers coming up to you to sell a voyage through their little industrial facility. Valle Ancon is simply neighborhood ranchers approaching their everyday routine.

In the event that you are generally fit and appreciate cycling, this course is tied in with utilizing the leg muscles, taking in some natural air and experienceing a loosening up valid adaptation of Cuba. Be that as it may, in the event that you’d incline toward a delicate ride all through the best landscape at that point avoid this course and invest more energy investigating the path around the mogotes close Viñales.


As you are going go into town on the primary street (the 241) from the caverns, the mogotes of Esmerelda and Coco Solo Mogotes ascend to one side hand side. A circle of these two mogotes requires more work as there are two or three little slopes to go here and there, however it merits the exertion.

From the top, these appealing mogotes supported by the more extensive valley structure an alluring vista. Specifically, set aside the effort to leave the fundamental ways set apart beneath and head up near Coco Solo Mogote, it’s a pretty spot only outside of town.

On the highway, various appealing bistros have been set up by local people. One, set in gazebo neglecting a lake, offers especially luring new squeezes. Others are more keen on urging you to look round their tobacco cultivating strategies and items.

It is conceivable that water obstructs the way between the two mogotes, in which matter head back to the principle street to associate up the two zones.


Because of the low government wage, Cuba has a gigantic system of local people supporting a wide range of traveler needs. The best spot to lease a bicycle from is your casa specific host who will undoubtedly know some place with a lot of wheels to offer you for the afternoon. Send them an email before you show up or basically ask the prior night and bicycles ought to be sitting tight for you.

If not, there is a bicycle rental shop close to Casa de Don Tomás, at 140 Salvador Cisneros in Viñales. Bicycle rental is about CUC 10 for every individual for each day.


It’s not simply the salsa that is hot in Cuba. With normal high temperatures of around 26 degrees in winter and 31 in summer, cycling is best maintained a strategic distance from in the most blazing a very long time of the year. Also, downpours torment the island in May and stay until October.

The greatest months to cycle Viñales are the bright however marginally cooler long periods of January to April. It was still really hot when we did this bicycle ride (February) however not as burning as it could have been.

As you cycle around there are a lot of spots to stop for a beverage on the off chance that you need a break.


Getting around Cuba is commonly genuinely simple with a decent transport administration and colectivos accessible to take you basically anyplace you need to go. Viñales valley is no exemption. Being just 180 km from Havana, transport is simple.

Transport/The Viazul transport runs two times every day from Havana and takes around 3 hours, 40 minutes. The cost is 12 CUC per individual. The Viazul transports are commonly the most agreeable approach to go around Cuba, in any matter, they can book out. Arrange your tickets ahead of time to spare the pressure.

COLECTIVO/Your casa specific will likewise have the option to sort out a private taxi or colectivo, the two of which will take around 2 hours from Havana. A private taxi ought to associate with 80 CUC per vehicle; the colectivo around 25 CUC per individual.

We have much more data about getting around Cuba in this article. We’ve likewise assembled some broad tips for going in Cuba.


The main testing segments are the long cycle out and about out to Valle Ancon (4) and a short more extreme area ignoring the shoulder of a little slope around Esmerelda Mogote on circle (5).

Waterlogged ways are normal in the valley, particularly after downpour. So it is conceivable you will go over a wet area you can’t traverse. Be that as it may, except for Valle Ancon, none of the circles are long so it’s anything but difficult to simply return the manner in which you came.


1/Before you begin cycling, download the Viñales Valley territory to your disconnected maps in your Google Maps application – along these lines you’ll have all the guide data put away on your telephone.

2/Save our guide by tapping on the star so you have all the course data with you, and you can follow where you are and where you need to go.

3/We likewise recommend you set the base layer of the maps to satellite, that way, regardless of whether the path are not set apart on google, you can outwardly observe the ways you should take.


4/The cycling is straight forward in spite of the fact that the warmth can be depleting so ensure you take a lot of water and wear sunscreen and a cap.

5/Don’t overlook your camera as the view is dazzling the entire path around.

6/Comfortable shoes consistently help when you are bouncing here and there a bicycle and accelerating tenderly (or even angrily).


7/If you get lost take a stab at soliciting one from the aides or bistro proprietors in the zone. While a few local people wouldn’t give us instructions,we found a guide who was happy to help.

8/The nearby ranchers are cordial in Viñales, anyway they might need to redirect you to their tobacco ranch for a little charge.

9/None of our courses vention far away the principle street which is consistently overhauled by taxi, so in the event that you stumble into any difficulty, you’re never excessively far from help.

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