Some really helpful Cuba travel tips

Some really helpful Cuba travel tips

Going to Cuba is both captivating and disappointing. In any matter, with a touch of arranging, a great part of the disappointment can vanish. To help you on your way, here are 14 extremely valuable Cuba travel tips.

Cuba is an interesting travel goal. As one of only a handful scarcely any staying socialist nations, it frequently appears to be stuck in time. Oldsmobiles and Corvettes from the 1960’s slither through roads of pioneer towns disintegrating into dust. Ponies and bulls pull ranchers on hand crafted furrows.

It’s a one of a kind and fascinating goal.

Be that as it may, Cuba can be both captivating and baffling in equivalent parts. A lot of what makes it so uncommon is likewise what makes it so disappointing. With private organizations illicit until after, the Cuban state runs the majority of the lodgings and vehicle rental administrators. They complete this obligation with the energy you’d anticipate from underfunded government organizations.

Exchange embargoes that keep vintage vehicles on the streets likewise keep the shops uncovered and the eateries in endurance just mode. Moreover, a horde of rules and guidelines bring in cash, bank cards and the web progressively troublesome.

In view of that, here are our 14 travel tips for Cuba to assist you with getting a charge out of this interesting spot. Ideally, without the dissatisfaction.


Guests going through as long as two months in Cuba needn’t bother with a visa however practically all universal voyagers need a Cuba Tourist Card legitimate for as long as 30 days of movement. This is a significant Cuba travel tip as you can’t get in the nation without it!

On the off chance that you book a bundle occasion they ought to sort out this for you. Numerous flights likewise offer the assistance, yet in the event that not you should compose your own. You can apply utilizing this online help. Cuba can be a meddlesome nation so ensure you round it out cautiously.

The guidelines for American residents continue changing relying upon the political atmosphere. While President Obama loosened up the prerequisites for movement to Cuba, President Trump has fixed them directly back up. On 06 Jun 2019 Trump restricted journey ships from docking in Cuba and rejected the ‘individuals to individuals’ travel escape clause that had permitted numerous Americans to head out to the island.


It is obligatory to have clinical protection when heading out to Cuba. Arbitrary checks can happen at air terminals so ensure you bring a printed duplicate of your clinical protection subtleties. Luckily medicinal services is one of the regions Cuba exceeds expectations at with clinical preparing conveyed to an exclusive expectation. Truth be told, sending specialists to Latin American nations is probably the greatest fare.

In this way, check to ensure your movement protection strategy covers clinical. World Nomads is a famous decision for short single excursions, while Columbus Direct has very much estimated multi-trip strategies.


Cuba has 10 worldwide air terminals yet most global flights show up into José Martí International Airport in Havana or Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport in Varadero.

There are very few non-stop trips to Cuba so costs will in general be increasingly costly. On the off chance that you have the opportunity it pays to search around, be adaptable on dates and search for less expensive roundabout courses. Google flights is our favored method to look for trips with its pleasant interface that gives a preview of costs on the schedule before you select your dates.

Numerous aircrafts don’t permit you to book trips to Cuba on the web. So don’t be surprised in the event that you get more than halfway through the procedure, at that point get a message encouraging you to call the carrier.


All the inns in Cuba are larger part claimed by the express; a restraining infrastructure which conveys significant expenses. Some are set in lovely areas however many are callous solid squares with horrible assistance and far more detestable food.

Along these lines, a little Cuba travel tip that will incredibly expand your delight is to remain in ‘Casa Particulares’. Run by innovative local people, a Casa Particulares is a little exclusive guesthouse. Regularly, it’s only a room in somebody’s home. It’s an extraordinary method to become more acquainted with local people, make the most of their amicable neighborliness and remain in a lot more pleasant burrows. They as a rule furnish you with a smaller than usual bar and will offer to make you breakfast (5 CUC) and supper (10 – 12 CUC).

You can book a Casa Particulares through AirBnb or by means of choosing the “homestays” alternative under Property Type . There is a wide exhibit of decision yet we propose you do a touch of burrowing around to discover a host who talks some English. They will be an important asset during your remain and you’ll see they’ll deal with all movement game plans for you. This is especially useful outside Havana where the additionally intriguing exercises are not shrouded in manuals.

We would likewise pay somewhat extra for cooling.

Sadly, because of government interfering and web limitations you may discover you can’t book convenience online in Cuba. So either book before you show up in the nation or utilize a VPN to get around the limitations.


In the event that you are a free explorer there are two principle alternatives for getting around Cuba. Alternative 1 is to recruit your own vehicle, choice 2 is to utilize a blend of transports, colectivos and taxis.

The vehicle rental organizations that work in Cuba are Cubacar, Rex, Havanautos and Via. As you would have speculated, being government run there’s almost no value distinction between every one of them. Ensure you book well ahead of time.

The principle traveler transport supplier in Cuba is Viazul. They have a broad and exceptionally helpful system over the Island however we do recommend you book ahead of time to spare any tension.


In spite of the fact that 3G information is gradually being turned out for local people in Cuba, there is at present none for sightseers. So when you’re making the rounds, looking for some kind of employment through those notable disintegrating boulevards in Havana, you’ll need a choice to explore yourself.

So ensure you download disconnected maps onto your telephone before you withdraw. This will spare all the guide data to your telephone permitting you to find that eatery your searching for or lurch to that housetop bar in the old town of Havana.

Both google maps and offer the capacity to download disconnected maps for the territory you are making a trip to. Then again, simply head to our Cuba posts where we have made maps for you. Snap on the star to spare them to your gadget. When you have the guide on screen, head to settings > disconnected maps > custom maps to spare the information to your telephone.


A significant Cuba travel tip is understanding their two monetary forms. The CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) utilized by vacationers and the CUP (Cuban National Peso) utilized by local people. The CUC is fixed 1 to 1 with the USD and the money you will utilize while on vacation in Cuba. Local people use CUP and there are around 25 CUP to the CUC.

You can’t bring CUC into the nation so you have to gather some when you show up. There are four spots to get CUC: 1) over the counter at banks; 2) CADECA (government money trade focuses); 3) huge inns and 4) ATMs (3% expense). You can utilize most outside cash and most credit/charge cards to get CUC. Be that as it may, there are special matters.

As of now no place in Cuba will acknowledge cards gave by American banks. (Non-US gave charge cards with US underwriters, for example, Mastercard, Visa or American Express are acknowledged). Thus, in the event that you just have an American bank card, you should bring enough money for your whole excursion.

In this manner, in the event that you just have a US given bank card, bring EUR to Cuba if conceivable.

Extra, ensure you call your bank to tell them you’re off on a tornado excursion to Cuba. There are three purposes behind doing this.

Right off the bat, to affirm that your charge/Visa will really work in Cuba. Furthermore, to affirm the dates you will be in away so they don’t drop your credit/check card because of dubious movement. Thirdly, to ensure your day by day withdrawal limit is adequate. Progressively about that in our next tip.


Cuba is a money economy. Practically no eateries, lodgings, cabs or visit administrators acknowledge credit or check cards. So it’s critical to take out and hold a great deal of money.

It very well may be an agony getting CUC constantly, humble communities won’t have ATMs and the banks/CADECAs have loosened up opening times. So get a ton out right on time. It’s a sheltered nation and you are probably not going to be isolated wrongfully from your CUC as long as you avoid potential risk.

Havana universal air terminal has 5 money machines as you leave customs and another on the floor above. There is likewise a few banks and a CADECA, for which you will presumably be queueing for some time.

At long last on account of the double cash framework when you hand over your CUC ensure you get CUC back. Those CUP truly are not worth a lot.


There is almost no English verbally expressed in Cuba. While this implies hosts will be obliging in working with you to splatter out some secondary school Spanish, it’s a smart thought to have some back up.

We propose downloading Spanish in Google Translate before you leave so you have it available while you’re in the nation. Keep in mind, more often than not you’ll be without Internet in Cuba, so you’ll need those Spanish words downloaded to your telephone so you can move off a “dos cervesas por favor” if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis!

To look over your Spanish before you go, there are a lot of gamified applications that can give you a little boost. We like Memrise and Duolingo. In the event that you need to pay for an online language instructional exercise, we suggest Babbel.


The shops in Cuba are all around horrible. Exchange embargoes have blocked numerous regular brands and those that do endure are extravagant. The outcome is a thin determination of pragmatic items. Bring all the fundamentals you may require with you – toiletries, sun square, creepy crawly repellent, camera cards and so forth – as finding these things will be near on unimaginable in matter you’re out of a significant focus.

Food is no better. Stores sell filtered water, some of the time scones, the incidental bundled items and rum. Attempting to assemble something like a sandwich for lunch out and about will be a genuine action. So if there is something nibble related that you can’t survive without, it’s ideal to carry it with you. In the event that you need the intermittent chomp of chocolate, stuff some in your rucksack. Extravagant some tea? Gather those tea sacks.

A last Cuba travel tip. It is fundamental to bring ear plugs. With the energized discussions of local people, road music playing into the extremely early times, pigs oinking and chickens crowing throughout the night, we’ve never been to a noisier nation!


Many individuals we met in Cuba were tenacious about continually utilizing a VPN association with get on the web. We didn’t want to have a VPN for security purposes, however there are some valid justifications to utilize one.

Initially, online installments are not allowed in Cuba. So in the event that you have to do anything on the web that includes moving assets (paying for an Airbnb booking, getting to internet banking) you’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Besides, as the USA has forced endorses on Cuba, a few destinations facilitated in the States may not be gotten to in Cuba.

In this way, while we think a VPN isn’t explicitly vital (albeit numerous individuals are worried about online secrecy) in the event that you think you’ll have to make money related exchanges in Cuba, you’ll certainly require one. In the event that you have some most loved US facilitated destinations that you can’t survive without, you’ll need a VPN for that too.


Tipping in Cuba is a piece of the way of life. Once in a while administration charge is included cafés in the urban communities, however on the off chance that not, at that point 10% tip is standard. This is a poor nation and tips can go far to helping the individuals.

Having said that, the scope of administration quality is gigantic. Every so often the administration was so terrible we were unable to force ourselves to part any more CUC, different days we financed their youngsters’ instruction. Ideally, we found the middle value of out about right.

The other valid justification to convey little change is to access that truly necessary office: toilets. Most open toilets have a bright specialist sitting in the entryway with a little wicker bushel gathering little change. It’s commonly close to 1CUC to obtain entrance, however you do need to ensure you have that on you. Shy of plunging into their bushel yourself, there’s frequently negligible chance to change a bigger note.


In matter you’re inquiring about Cuba travel tips, you’ve no uncertainty heard that web get to isn’t straight-forward. The web after came to Cuba and the legislature has a choke hang on it.

ETECSA is the state-run imposing business model offering the support. To get to the web, you have to purchase ETECSA cards at their workplaces. The cards offer 1 hour of web association for CUC 1.50. Lines can be long, however local people are frequently close by to sell you cards for CUC 2, sparing you the pause.

When you have the card you have to make a beeline for an open wi-fi territory (generally a recreation center or square), a huge lodging or the odd bistro. You at that point select the ETECSA arrange, scratch off the secret key on the ETECSA card and enter it into your gadget. The card will monitor to what extent you are on the web. The time has come subordinate and not information subordinate. So rapidly tail us on Instagram here, at that point log-off.

ETECSA stores just open in the daytime and are for the most part in the bigger towns. So stock up with cards whenever you find the opportunity. For instance, Playa Larga where we put in a couple of days, had no ETESCA outlet.

On the off chance that you can’t discover a store, make a few inquiries, somebody may sell you a card.


We are the kind of explorers who like to examine forthright and book things ahead of time. This is an effectiveness thing in excess of a solace thing. We attempt to abstain from sitting around doing things like lining or teasing around searching for the correct visit.

Be that as it may, government limitations and an absence of web in Cuba makes booking exercises ahead of time precarious. This is the place settlement with a decent host makes a difference.

Baited by the advantages of a sound private venture, a great Casa Particulares host will sustain a system of neighborhood suppliers. When you registration they set about sorting out your remain; giving you their own supportive Cuba travel tips. Need a pony ride? You got it. Bicycle rental for the afternoon? Forget about it. Colectivo to your next goal? Done. Non-touristy food that is really scrumptious? Here’s our companion’s home eatery.

There are numerous different advantages to utilizing your host for booking exercises. Right off the bat, you’re giving salary legitimately to Cuban’s as opposed to an inadequately run taxpayer driven organization. Furthermore, you’re expanding your odds of getting a better help. Lastly, you’re sparing yourself time in investigating the best activities.

So when you show up at your settlement, plunk down with the host and let them help you.

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